This is an easy tam pattern and can be made up quickly in 2 sizes.
I made this on up in Kelly green with a white pom-pom on the top.
Fun to make, fun to wear.
Materials you will need:

4oz skein knitting worsted.

Set of 4 double pointed knitting needles, you will need the 10 inch long ones for this pattern.

Size 10 needles for small size tam -- 10 1/2 for larger size.

Approx. 24 inches white yarn for pom-pom.
St = stitch
K 2 tog = knit 2 stitches from left hand needle as 1 on right hand needle
Inc 1 = knit in back of stitch on left hand needle, then in front of same stitch
creating 2 stitches on right hand needle, thus increasing 1stitch.
Cast on 66 sts, 22 on each of 3 needles.
TIP: Leave a small tail of yarn after casting on. This will serve as a reminder of the end of one row
and the beginning of another.
Begin by working in k 1, p 1 this is the ribbing and serves as the hatband.
Continue working around till work measures 1 inch ending at the tail.
Row 1 of hat:  K 1 round
Row 2: K 1, inc1 st in next st repeat around, there will be 33 sts on each needle for a
total of 99 sts.
Row 3: K around and continue on these 99 sts until work measures 7 inches.
Begin decreasing:
Row 1: K 9, k 2 tog
Row 2: Knit around
Row 3: K 8, k 2 tog
Row 4: And every other row knit around
Row 5: K 7, k 2 tog
Row 7: K 6, k 2 tog
Row 9: K 5, k 2 tog
Row 11: K 4, k 2 tog
Row 13: K 3, k 2 tog
Row 15: K 2, k 2 tog
Row 17: K 2, k 2 tog
Row 19: K 2 tog
Draw yarn through remaining stitches and tie off.
To make pom-pom, using contrasting color yarn, wrap yarn around a 3-inch piece of cardboard
(A heavy business card will do) approx. 25 times. Slide yarn off tie in middle and cut looped ends.
Attach to hat.
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