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                               Aran Knitting For Beginners    by                                                           Grandma on the Mountain

  Easy 2 Needle Mitten Pattern



   This easy mitten pattern can be made up in an evening or two and is a great way to use up those small amounts of yarn you've got laying about. I used the same honeycomb pattern that is used on the front panel of the sweater. So if you've made the sweater this is a perfect match.


                                                  Materials you will need:

      1: 4oz 4-ply knitting worsted

      2: 1 pair size 7 knitting needles

      3: yarn needle                                                                             

      4: small stitch holder or large safety pin




                   St = stitch

                  Cb4 = cable back 4 sts

                  Cf4 = cable front 4 sts

                  K2tog = knit 2 sts from L hand needle as 1 on R     

                                hand  needle               

                  P2tog = purl 2 sts as above.


Gage is 8 sts = 2 inches 13 rows = 2 inches      


Honeycomb pattern panel (this panel is worked between 2 purl sts and is worked over 8 rows) as follows:

Row1= k16

Row2 = p16

Row3= cb4, -cf4, -cb4, -cf4

Row4= p16    

Row5= k16

Row6= p16

Row7= cf4, -cb4, -cf4, -cb4

Row8= p16




Left Mitten:

Begin by casting on 40 sts

Work theses 40 sts in ribbing as follows:

Row 1= k1, -p1  

Row 2= k1, -p1 until work measures 2 1/2 inches. For the cuff.

Now work hand: 

Row 1= k16, (-p2, -k16, -p2,) -k4

Row 2= p4, (-k2, -p16, -k2,) -p16

Row 3= k16, (-p2, -cb4, cf4, cb4, cf4, p2,) -k4

Row 4= p4, (-k2, -p16, -k2,) -p16

Row 5= k13, (place a marker on your needle) inc. 1st in each of the next 2 sts. There will be 4 sts between markers. This is the start of your thumb gusset. K1.You will now have 18 sts on your L hand needle. (p2, -k16, -p2) -k4

Row 6= p4, (-k2, -p16, -k2) p18

Row 7= k13, -pass marker to your R hand needle inc 1 st in next st k2 inc. 1 st in next st pass marker, k1, -p2, -cf4, -cb4, -cf4, -cb4, -p2, -k4

Row 8= same as row 4 purling all increases.


Continue in this manner increasing 2 sts each knit row till you have 15 sts between markers. Place theses 15 sts on st holder or safety pin. Turn your work and cast 2 sts onto your L hand needle. Turn your work and work theses 2 sts onto your R hand needle.  Continue across row in pattern. You should now have 40 sts on your needles. Continue to work theses sts till work measures 4 1/2 inches from bottom of thumbhole or to tip of middle finger. Then starting with a k row k2tog to end of row. Next row, k2tog to end of row. Measure off about 2 foot or yarn from work and cut. Attach yarn needle to yarn and pass it through sts remaining on needle. Pull tight and make a small knot leaving remaining yarn to sew up the side later. 




With right side of work facing you. With tip of L hand needle pick up a st from L side of thumbhole, pass 15 sts from holder onto needle. Pick up 1 st from R side of thumb hole you should now have 17 sts on your needle. Attach yarn and work theses 17 sts in stockinet st till thumb measures 2 3/4 inches. Then k2tog 8 times k1. Turn and p2tog 4 times p1. Measure off 1 foot of yarn and cut, proceed as for hand section.


Sew up hand to cuff. Sew up thumb. If you find you still have a small opening at base of thumb weave a little of the yarn through the sts to close hole.


Right Mitten


Cast on 40 sts and work in ribbing as for L mitten.

Set pattern as follows:

Row1= k4, -p2, -k16, -p2, -k16

Row2= p16. -K2, -p16, -k2, -p4

Row3= k4, -p2, -cb4, -cf4, -cb4, -cf4, -p2, -k16

Row4= p16, -k2, -p16, -k2, -p4

Row5= k4, -p2, -k16, -p2, -k1, place a marker on your needle. Inc.1 st in each of the next 2 sts place a marker on your needle, k13. You should now have 42 sts on your needle.

Row6= p18, -k2, -p16, -k2, -p4

Row7= k4, -p2, -cf4, -cb4, -cf4, -cb4, -p2, -k1, inc 1 in next st -k2, inc 1 in next st k13

Row8= p20, -k2, -p16, -k2, -p4


Continue in this manner till there are 15 sts between markers as for left mitten, place on holder and pick up 2 edge sts etc. Maintain panel pattern and finish as with left mitten.