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Welcome to the wonderful world of creative knitters. Knitting is an ancient art form with roots in many cultures. Almost anything from heavy outer garments to the finest of lace can be made with knitting needles. It can be relaxing, something positive to do while watching TV or it can be a challenge when learning a new stitch or pattern and it is portable so you can take it almost anywhere. 

The basic concept of knitting is very simple. It is the act of making a loop and drawing a piece of yarn through it to make another loop. 

If you have never knit before the needles will feel a bit awkward in your hands. Donít worry they soon become familiar. You donít need to buy expensive needles I find the ridged plastic or the aluminum needles work fine. My bamboo needles, as seen on my needles page are great for beginning  knitters because they are not quite as slippery and give better control.

Choose a yarn that is not too fuzzy or loose wrapped to start it is easier to work with and fairly large needles through out this book. This size yarn works up fast on large needles and as a beginner you get to see results in the first few rows. I call it my instant gratification yarn.

All the lessons in book are written using a pair of # 10 1/2 knitting needles. I used a large safety pin for a stitch holder on the thumb of the mittens and a small loop of contrasting yarn for markers.
Along with how to lessons, my book also includes patterns for an easy to make hat, scarf and mittens so you can use your new skills.

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