Basic mittens: You will need 6 oz of bulky weight yarn for the mittens Using your # 10 needles cast on 22 sts. Work these 22 sts in rib st k 1, p 1, * till work measures 2
Gage:  Gage worked on # 101/2, knitting needles:  6sts. = 2 7 rows= 2
Using your # 10 1/2 needles cast on 22 sts. Work these 22 sts in rib st k 1, p 1, * till work measures 2
Row 1: Mitten body, k 1, inc 1 st in next st, k 18, inc 1 st in next st, k 1. Total of 24 sts on needle.
Row 2: K across 24 sts,                                                                 
Row 3: P across 24  sts,                                                          
Row 4: K across 24 sts
Row 5: K.
Row 6: P.                                                                                                        
Row 7: K 11, place st marker, inc 1 st in each of next 2 sts, this is the beginning of your thumb gusset. Place marker, k 1. Total 26 sts on your needle. (4 sts between markers)
Row 8: P across all 26 sts.
Row 9: K 11, inc 1 st in 1st after marker, k 2, inc 1st in st before marker, k 11, 6 sts. between markers.
Row 10: P across all 28 sts.
Continue in this  manner till there are 12 sts between markers.
Then purl across all 34 sts.
Next row: K 11, place the 12 sts between markers on a st holder, k 11. Then p, across the 22 sts left on your needles to start the hand.
Work in stockenette st, k 1 row p 1 row till work measures 5 or desired length.  
Begin decreasing by knitting 2 together across row . You will have 11 sts  on needle.
Next row: P 2 together across row. There will be 1 odd st at the end you will have 6 sts on your needle.
Measure off approx. 36 of your yarn from your work to the skein and cut it. Thread your yarn needle and pass the yarn through theses 6 sts weave the yarn needle into your work to hold it in place while you finish the thumb. 
Place the 12 thumb sts from st holder onto your knitting needle. Join a new piece of yarn at the edge of gusset. Work thumb in stockenette st until work measures 2 . Then k 2 tog across .
Next row : P 2 tog, across. Measure off approx. 18 inches of yarn and cut. Place the 3 remaining sts on st holder.
Turn mitten inside out. Go to yarn needle at bottom of hand section. Draw the yarn tight on the 6 sts then sew up the side of mitten.



Easy 2 Needle Mitten Pattern
This easy mitten pattern can be made up in an evening or two and is a great way to use up those small amounts of yarn you've got laying about. I used the same honeycomb pattern that is used on the front panel of the sweater. So if you've made the sweater this is a perfect match.

Materials you will need:
1: 4oz 4-ply knitting worsted
2: 1 pair size 7 knitting needles                      
3: 1 yarn needle
4: Small st holder or large safety pin

St = stitch, Cb4 = cable back 4 sts, Cf4 = cable front 4 sts, K 2 tog = knit 2 sts from L hand needle as 1 on R hand needle, P 2 tog = purl 2 sts as above.
Gage is 8 sts = 2 inches 13 rows = 2 inches
Honeycomb pattern panel (this panel is always worked between 2 purl sts and is worked over 8 rows)
as follows:
Row 1: K 16.
Row 2: P 16.
Row 3: Cb4, cf4, cb4, cf4.
Row 4: P 16.    
Row 5: K 16.
Row 6: P 16.
Row 7: Cf4, cb4, cf4, cb4.
Row 8: P 16.
Left Mitten:
Begin by casting on 40 sts, work these 40 sts in ribbing as follows:
Row 1: K 1, p 1.  
Row 2: K 1, p 1 until work measures 2 1/2".
Now work hand: 
Row 1: K 16, p 2, k 16, p 2, k 4.
Row 2: P 4, k 2, p 16, k 2, p 16.
Row 3: K 16, p 2, cb4, cf4, cb4, cf4, p 2, k 4.
Row 4: P 4, k 2, p 16, k 2, p 16.
Row 5: K 13, place a marker on your needle, inc 1st in each of the next 2 sts. There will be 4 sts
between markers. This is the start of your thumb gusset. K 1, you will now have 18 sts on your L
hand needle. P 2, k 16, p 2, k 4.
Row 6: P 4, k 2, p 16, k 2, p 18.
Row 7: K 13, pass marker to your R hand needle, inc 1 st in next st, k 2, inc 1 st in next st
pass marker, k 1, p 2, cf4, cb4, cf4, cb4, p 2, k 4.
Row 8: Same as row 4 purling all increases.
Continue in this manner increasing 2 sts each knit row till you have 16 sts between markers.
Place these 16 sts on st holder or safety pin. Turn your work and cast 2 sts onto your L hand
needle. Turn your work and work these 2 sts onto your R hand needle.  Continue across row in
pattern. You should now have 40 sts on your needles. Continue to work these sts till work
measures 5 1/2 inches from bottom of thumbhole. Then starting with a k row k 2 tog to end
of row. Next row, k 2 tog to end of row. Measure off about 2 foot or yarn from work and cut.
Attach yarn needle to yarn and pass it through sts remaining on needle. Pull tight and make a
small knot leaving remaining yarn to sew up side later. 
With right side of work facing you. With tip of L hand needle pick up a st from L side of
thumbhole, pass 16 sts from holder onto needle. Pick up 1 st from R side of thumbhole you
should now have 18 sts on your needle. Attach yarn and work theses 18 sts in stockinet st till
thumb measures 2 3/4 inches. Then k 2 tog 8 times k 1. Turn and p 2 tog 4 times p 1. Measure
off 1 foot of yarn and cut, proceed as for hand section.
Sew up hand to cuff. Sew up thumb. If you find you still have a small opening at base
of thumb weave a little of the yarn through the sts to close hole.
Right Mitten:
Cast on 40 sts and work in ribbing as for L mitten.
Set pattern as follows:
Row 1: K 4, p 2, k 16, p 2, k 16.
Row 2: P 16, k 2, p 16, k 2, p 4.
Row 3: K 4, p 2, cb 4, cf 4, cb 4, cf 4, p 2, k 16.
Row 4: P 16, k 2, p 16, k 2, p 4.
Row 5: K 4, p 2, k 16, p 2, k 1, place a marker on your needle. Inc1 st in
each of the next 2 sts place a marker on your needle, k 13. You should now
have 42 sts on your needle.
Row 6: P 18, k 2, p 16, k 2, p 4.
Row 7: K 4, p 2, cf4, cb4, cf4, cb4, p 2, k 1, inc 1 in next st, k 2, inc 1 in next st k 13.
Row 8: P 20, k 2, p 16, k 2, p 4.
Continue in this manner till there is 16 sts between markers as for left mitten,
place on holder and pick up 2 edge sts etc. Maintain panel pattern and finish
as with left mitten.
I hope you enjoy this mitten pattern. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible.
If you have my book you may want to review the lesson on use of the cable needle
and proofing your gage so don't forget to make up a gage swatch.
If you would like a printed out copy of this pattern please send $1.00 US and a
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to me at the below address, request
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