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Bread is one of the simplest and most satisfying things we can bake,
from a fragrant loaf of white bread to a crusty Italian. Everyone loves hot from the oven buns and rolls. 
If your grandma didnít teach you how to make a great loaf of bread,
or if she did and you forgot, Itís all in this little book.


I have been baking bread for quite a few years now and never tire of the satisfaction of placing a loaf
of fresh baked bread, still warm from the oven on my table, while the yeasty aroma of itís
baking still lingers in the air.

In this little book are my favorite recipes. From a basic white, rye, and whole wheat bread to the wonderful
Sunday morning sticky buns. And a section on making free formed loaves
like Rye and Italian bread.

With the introduction of the bread machine many of us have tried to get that perfect loaf, but have found something missing.
The crust isnít quiet right and there is that big hole in the bottom where the paddle sat.
These recipes are no more difficult than a bread machine and the
little time it takes to knead them can be quite satisfying.


Included in this book are the recipe's:

                            Basic White bread                    Raisin or Fruit bread 
                            Whole Wheat bread                 Sweet rolls Danish and Sticky Buns
                            Rye bread                                   Toppings and Fillings
                            Italian bread                               Pizza and Focaccia bread 

There is also a section on how the ingredients used in making a loaf of bread react to each other.
Once you have made your first loaf and see how easy it is you can make up your own recipes for your favorites.

All the recipes in this book, except the pizza, take 3 cups flour and render 1 nice size loaf.

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