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I started writing this book a while ago, when I started a new sweater. I have been knitting this same sweater for family members and myself for years. This time my daughters and granddaughters wanted me to write it down for them to follow. So I decided to write it as a lesson book starting from scratch. What started out as a few pages in an old notebook turned into a 20 page booklet I am really quite proud to present. The adult sweater pattern comes in sizes 32-42 and can be made even larger by the addition of Irish Moss stitches at the sides. 

My Book:  

* Aran Knitting for Beginners will guide you through the process step by step and includes:

* Five easy to understand lessons, form making a gage swatch to using the cable needle, to get you familiar with the beautiful panel stitches used in Aran Knitting. There is a lesson for each of the stitches used in this design. There is also a lesson on diagramming so you can design your own Aran sweater.

* Many illustrations to show you some finished work.

* A beautiful sweater pattern so you can put your new skills to work making a garment that you will be proud to show off. Pattern is written for sizes 32 to 42 can be made larger by adding Irish moss sts to the sides and center panels.



The pattern sheet: Written pattern only and comes in a clear plastic protective cover. Sizes 32 to 42 can be made larger by adding Irish moss sts to the sides and center panels.
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If you would like a copy of my book or kit please send to: 

Grandma on the Mountain
28 Pansy Rd
Stormville NY 12582-5226 

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Use Order Form Link for information or handprint your Name, Full Address and send to the Address above. Please print legibly (so Grandma can read it). Make Check or Money Order out to: Dawn F. Race. Please allow 2-3 wks for delivery.

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