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Afghan square Project: Square 3, Trinity stitch


   This is the third in a series of 4 squares; you will note I have framed this with the Irish moss the same as the diamond and the wheatear and cable square.

   This is a great little stitch to use in any project, such as a sweater as a filler or panel design you can even use it as an all over design.

    This stitch is worked over 4 sts, over 4 rows, starting with a purl row, followed in the next row with a k1, p1, k1, all in the first st then p3 sts together as 1. Row 3 is a purl row, followed by a p3 together as 1 st then k1, p1, k1, in the next st.

   Tip: as the p3 together makes the stitches rather tight on your needles try to work your purl rows a bit on the loose side or you may find it difficult to do the p3 together in the next row. Also as row 2 and 4 start by alternating between p3 together and k1, p1, k1, you may want to keep a piece of paper and pencil handy so you can keep your place in the work.


Abbreviations:  k= knit, p= purl, st= stitch

                        Im= Irish moss, knit over purls and purl over knits.

                        Trinity st: Row 1: purl.

                                         Row 2: k1, p1, k1, all in the first st, p2 together.

                                         Row 3: purl.

                                         Row 4: p3 together, k1, p1, k1

Cast on 32 sts

             Row 1: k1, p1 across row

             Row 2: p1, k1 across row you will be knitting over purled sts and purling over knit sts.

             Row 3 & 4 repeat rows 1 & 2 theses 4 rows are Irish moss and make the bottom of the frame.


Pattern rows:

             Row 1: im4, k2, p20, k2, im4.

             Row 2: im4, p2, (k1, p1, k1, all in the next st on your left hand needle, p3tog, repeat this 4 times for a total of 20 sts) p2, im4.

             Row 3: im4, k2, p20, k2, im4.

             Row 4: im4, p2, (p3tog, k1, p1, k1, all in next st repeat 4 times) p2, im4.


Repeat theses 4 rows till work measures 91/2 inches or same as other squares to beginning of top frame, work next 4 rows in im and bind off. 


                               If you have enjoyed this square please take a minute to drop me a line. Thank you and


                                                            Happy knitting from Grandma on the Mountain